How to run DOS operating system via bootable USB

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ShareYou can run dos and there are no needed any disc. To create a bootable USB, please fallow this following process and trying to understand it. Step1: 1st you insert your USB flash drive them you backup all date from your drive, because in this operation your USB drive can format and you lost your files and folders. Step2: you download this file (HP USB Disc Storage Format Tools) first by clicking the follow

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How to make Bootable live USB form a live CD

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Share  Description: You download unetbootin-win-549.exe this software first by clicking following download hare to download (Download link). This is a zip archive file, when your download is complete then you extract this file on your local directory.   You have a flash drive but do not have any blank CD or DVD then you make a bootable USB using iso image file. You first collect a bootable iso

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How to convert fat or fat32 to ntfs file system without format file your system

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Share  If you want to change your file system ( fat32 or fat to ntfs) normally a format required, but you can do this with-out format your disc. First you can follows the following steps to change your file system (fat32 or fat to ntfs) with-out format your disc. Step1: first you make sure your current file system. If this disc is external (portable HDD, pen drive, and other disc)then you Insert your disc in

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How to change file system NTFS to Fat or Fat32 for USB Flash drive

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Share  NTFS a standard file system, most hdd or portable disc use this file format. When you want to change then you did’t forget that fat32 file system is not larger size, less then 32 GB. You can’t success to create fat32 file system with getter then 32GB. To convert NTFS to FAT or FAT32 file system please follows the following steps. Step1: If you use external disc,you can insert or plugin your disc d

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How to prevent automatic start computer when on the main power switch

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Share  Some computer will automatically start when the main switch are on of the switch-board with out pressing CPU power switch. This is BIOS (basic input output system) settings problem, when this same problem appear then you can think that your BIOS didn’t configure properly. Then you need to re-configure your bios setting manually. You can re-configure your BIOS settings by follow the following way.

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How to lock pen drive from other user and virus and make it unusable

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Share  If you want to lock and protected your pen drive or flash drive without using any software you can do it, just remove your file accesses permission from your pen drive. First you insert your pen drive into your pc then you can follow these following steps to lock or protected your pen drive. Step1: First you make NTFS file system on your drive. If your drive is other file system then you convert you

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