How to disable a Display Adapter using Device Manager

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ShareA primary Display adapter, Windows (System software or operating system ) use it to provide a graphical user interface. Your Operating System use on-board display adapter as default graphic adapter, if no other graphics card exist on your computer. If you have a graphics card then, I recommended you to disable this internal graphics adapter to save physically shared memory otherwise your operating system would

How to hack other computer by using quick file structure drawing program

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ShareYou will hack other computer by using quick file structure drawing program. you will copy a total directory information of your computer. This program belongs to computer virus (vital in formation resource under siege ) but any anti-virus does not a auto copy himself, so you don’t call it VIRUS. This program will be copy your total hard disk data or file folder directory list. To make this program you will f

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How to change or set your Windows XP password using Command prompt, Ophcrack and other program.

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Share  Set a new password: You set your windows xp password in your administrator (administrator is a defult user in windows xp operating system when you do not set a new user while you install windows xp in your computer) Start> all program> Accessories> notepad. Type the following word in your notepad net localgroup administrators %administrator%%adhir% /add net user administrator "1234" Hare y

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How to manually remove computer virus

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ShareYou want remove VIRUS (Vital Information Resources Under Seize) form your computer, please follows my suggestion to remove virus from your computer. What is Virus: The computer Virus is program, it is copy automatically to your computer or other device when connect to each other. It damage your computer automatically without your permission. The virus automatically enter in your computer via Internet, USB dri

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How to Speed up Windows XP’s using defrag operations

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Share  Long time to use windows XP causes automatically became very slow after 2 year when install Windows XP. This time Windows is not comfortable for a normal user. Then you most speed up your operating system. A simple way to speed up your operating system using a Disk Defragmenter operation in Windows XP is following process. First you restart your operating system before you launch Defrag. This Disk

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How to control laptop lid function

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ShareWhen we close our laptop lid, by default, the computer goes to sleep mode. It is useful in cases we want to pause our work for a period of time. But if we close the lid by mistake, say while burning a CD or DVD or while downloading some files from Internet, our work suspends and gets corrupted by the sleep function. But we can configure it such that closing lid will just turn off display, nothing else. To do s

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How to view software and hardware information using command prompt on windows 7

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Share  You can see the following information type using command prompt utility on your computer. To see your complete information on your screen please follows the following steps. Step1: first you open command prompt as the following way. Start > all programs > Accessories > command prompt Or you can open command prompt using this shortcut method. Press Win+r then type CMD and hit Enter

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How to time out setting of windows error recovery on windows 7

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Share  This is windows start-up problem. If you press restart switch on your machine or disconnect your power cable without windows safety shutdown then you will shown the following screen and you select Start Windows Normally option to start your operating system or still wait for 30 second to start your operating system. There are many ways to stop appearing this screen in your windows 7. Hare I told you

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How To Solve Blue Screen Problem On Windows XP

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Share  Blue screen problem occur in your computer sometime when crash your operating system (windows XP), windows disk mounting problem, installing software or driver and other accident. Any time your computer can show this problem. When you fetch this Blue screen problem, you can easily fix this blue screen problem by providing the following step. Step1: when you fetch the following blue screen on your w

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How to show or hide Folder Option menu on windows XP

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Share  When any types of viruses attack in your computer then this virus normally disable your Folder Option menu. When disable your Folder Option in your computer then you do not change folder attribute this virus file or folder does not shown in your computer disk drive or other media. Folder Option principles: Mainly Folder Option is use to shoe or hide folder attribute. When you want to active Use s

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