How to adjust monitor screen refresh ret on windows 7

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This is mainly use for adjusting CRT color monitor. If your CRT monitor gives simultaneously vibrating picture or your monitor or, if your monitor gives you some time Lue sound [L0–0–0—L–0—0] then you need to adjust your CRT monitor screen refresh ret to solved this problem. If you use Microsoft windows 7 operating system then you follow these following steps to solve your problem.

Step1: first you open My Computer and then you go the address bar on your My Computer window. Next type or just copy & paste this following line into on your address bars. Then hit Enter button or click Go.

Control PanelAppearance and PersonalizationDisplayScreen Resolution


Step2: when you go to this following path and hit enter button on your keyboard then you will see this following window on your screen.

Control PanelAppearance and PersonalizationDisplayScreen Resolution


In this screen you click Advanced Settings [we select and highlight this option on the above image] to go the monitor setting wizard.

Step3: in the next screen you first go to the menu bar and click Monitor menu and click it.


Next you will go to the middle position of your Monitor settings window and change Screen refresh rate: selection box and you chose the perfect refresh rate and then you click Apply and Ok button to save your changes.


Note: if you can change your monitor refresh rate then this change is limited. When you reinstall your operating system then this change is automatically change and reset. Then you need to re-setup your monitor configurations.

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