How to change drive letter using command prompt on windows 7

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If you want to change your drive letter [for example, your system drive letter is C: D: E:] using command prompt then you carefully read and follow the following steps. For this operation you need a command prompt programme called Diskpart if you currently use windows 7 operating system then your operating system already include this programme into your system. If this programme [diskpart] is not in your system then you need to download this programme by clicking following download link.

Download Link

This is simple zip file, when you download this zip file then you extract this zip file into your following directory.


When your diskpart.exe extract is complete into your system directory then you follow these following steps.

Step1: first you open command prompt.

Start>All Programme>Accessories>Command Prompt

Command prompt is same as dos (disk operating system) but same different. It is full black screen when it is default mode.

Step2: you can type the following command into your command prompt window and hit Enter button.


When you type this command and hit enter button then your command prompt give you this massage.


Then you type list volume and hit Enter button to view all your drive status and Drive letter.


Step3: then you decide what volume you want to change. And remember your current volume letter. Suppose, you need to change J: drive to L: drive then you can type this command into your command prompt window.

select volume=j

When you type this command and hit enter then command prompt give you this following massage

Volume 7 is the selected volume.

Then you type this command to change your drive letter.

assign letter=L

When you type this command and hit Enter button then diskpart give you following massage

DiskPart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.

When this massage appears in your screen then you exit command prompt window.


Note: When you perform this operation then you need to care of your command and carefully type this command. It is very serious operation. When you changes one volume to another volume then you make sure that your volume is not running or use by another application or programme. And you can’t change your system drive letter.

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2 Responses to “How to change drive letter using command prompt on windows 7”
  1. Ausente says:

    Worked great! Much appreciate the tutorial; it helped me use the command prompt from a Windows 8 Recovery Disk to get my system booting again. Thanks!

  2. mohan says:


    my disk drive is not shows in my computer. It shows in Disk management without drive letter. i can’t set letter to that drive. if i try to set then it shows error message.

    can u help me?

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