How to change file system NTFS to Fat or Fat32

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NTFS a standard file system, most HDD or portable disc use this file format. When you want to change then you didn’t forget that fat32 file system is not larger size, less then 32 GB. You can’t success to create fat32 file system with getter then 32GB. To convert NTFS to FAT or FAT32 file system please follows the following steps.

Step1: If you use external disc,you can insert or plug-in your disc device. Then you open My Computer.

Start > My Computer

Then you copy total drive into your local disc, or any type of data storage, to backup your data.

Step2: Then you go to My Computer and right click on your disc then a small menu appear in your screen. You can chose and click Format… option of the menu bar.


Step3: When you click format option then you can see this image on your screen.


In this menu you can chose your disc file system by clicking 1st selection box. On the 1st selection box you can chose FAT32 file system for create your disc FAT32 file system. If you want to format your disc drive quickly then you must select Quick Format checkbox. When all task are complete then you can click Start button to start your disc format operations.

Step4: When your disc format complete then you have a massage “Disc Format Complete” then you click ok button and close all your explore tab.

Step5: then you copy your important file or data into your drive.and your drive file system is completely change to FAT32 file system.


Note: you do not force quit or do not shut down your computer when your disc format process is currently running. If you force quit your format operation then you need to re-format your drive again. But your all data of this drive are lost. So, I told you don’t quit your format operation.

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