How to change power switch function of CPU cabinet on Windows 7

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If you can use windows 7 operating system then your windows give you the opportunity of change power switch function. Normally, when you press power switch of your CPU (Central Processing Unit) then your pc can shutdown. This power switch behaves as a turn off switch same as TV, DVD or Other electronics devices. But if you want to change this power switch function then you can do it. It is very easy like as water. Just turn on your pc and then follows these following steps.


Step1: first you can go power option on your control panel. Go to Start and then click Control Panel and then you go this following path.

Control PanelHardware and SoundPower Options

If you don’t go to the perfect destinations then you can follow this method.

First you open My Computer Next go address bar and then type or copy paste this line into your My Computer Address bar and then hit Enter Button or press Go button.clip_image003

Step2: when you go to your windows power option then you focus the left side panel and click


“Choose what the power button does” option and click it.

Step3: when you click this option then you will be see this window on your screen.


In this screen you click this selection check box and chose an operation. And at last you click Save Change button to save your changes. When you press your power switch then your chosen function will be apply.



Note: if you can change your power switch function then this change is limited. When you reinstall your operating system then this change is automatically change and reset. Then you need to re-setup your configurations.

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