How to change screen Orientation on windows 7

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Any time you can fetch this problem or if you want to orientation (rotated) your screen then you can carefully examine this screen rotations.

clip_image002 clip_image004

  1. Normal Screen (landscape)                           2. Rotate right 900 [portrait (flipped)]

clip_image006         clip_image008

3.Rotate left 900(portrait)                            4.Rotate 1800 [landscape(flipped)]

If you want to solved this problem then you can follow this following steps.

Step1: first you can start your computer then you go to your desktop then you right click on your desktop and click Screen Resolution.


When you click Screen Resolution options, then you can will see the next screen in your screen.


Step2: on the screen resolution option you can go the selection option and you select you an orientation and then click Apply and OK button. If any massage occur then you accept this. Hare your default screen orientation is Landscape.


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