How to change time format on widows 7 |12 hour clock

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Many windows 7 user does not success to change time format on windows 7. The default time setting of windows 7 is 24 hour clock, if you want to change this time setting then you can follows this following steps.

Step1: first you go to your Taskbar and a single click on the clock or date.


When you click this time and date then you will see the following pup up window on your screen.


Nest you can click this selection area to go Date and time setting wizard.

Step2: on the date and time setting wizard you first go to your menu bar and then and active date and time.clip_image006

When you click this date and time option then you click this button ( Change date and time…)


Step3: on the next wizard you click Change calendar settings to set your time format.clip_image010

Step4: on the next screen you can active Time menu on the menu bar.clip_image012

And under the time menu you can set your time setting as the following image.


Step5: at last you save your change by clicking Ok button. Then you close all open window and restart you pc to take effect.

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