How to change windows 7 system sound

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Windows 7 start-up sound, shut down, log on, log off, battery alert, error, and other sound are play automatically. If you want change this sound, you can do this. To change windows 7 default system sounds please follow these following steps.

Step1: First you chose any type of tone, song, music which you want to set as your windows system sound. Then you convert this sound as *.wav file using any type of audio converter.

Step2: Go to Control Panel then you click Hardware and Sound icon and then you click Change system sounds options.

Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound

If your control panel does not set View by category then you directly click Sound icon. A new window appear in your screen, then you go to tab bar and click Sounds tab.

Step3: then you chose program events sound what is you want to change. Click on it then you click Browse… button open your sound file location from your local drive. This sound format must be as *.wav file.


If you want to preview your sound then you click test button of the window.

Select your sound then click Apply and OK buttons then you restart your computer.

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