How to convert fat or fat32 to NTFS file system without format file your system

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If you want to change your file system ( fat32 or fat to NTFS) normally a format required, but you can do this with-out format your disc. First you can follows the following steps to change your file system (fat32 or fat to NTFS) with-out format your disc.

Step1: first you make sure your current file system. If this disc is external (portable HDD, pen drive, and other disc)then you Insert your disc into your pc. After installing your hardware driver then you open My Computer and right click on your disc volume and then click Properties.

A new window appear in you screen. In the new window you can see your current file system information’s.


If your current file system is Fat or Fat32 then you can convert your file system with-out format your partitions. And also you can sure your disc either write protected or permission available. If your disc is write protected then you disable this read-only mode.

Step2: first you open command prompt by follow the following way.

There are many way to open command prompt.

Start > all programme > Accessories > Command prompt.

Or, press win+r of your keyboard and then type CMD and hit Enter button.

Step3: you type the following word in your command prompt window, and then hit enter.

Convert[space][your drive latter][space]/fs:ntfs[space]/x

Example of a command set convert E: /fs:ntfs /x


Hare your drive latter C: for this drive only.

Step4: when you type this command on your command prompt and then hit Enter button of your keyboard then you can wait for few moment while your converting process is running. When your file system convert is complete then you can close command prompt window by typing EXIT command and hit Enter button.

Note: when you file system converting process is running then you still wait. Don’t exit, shutdown, or restart your pc. If didn’t success full to convert your drive then you disc file system might be corrupted, and all data of your drive is damage. So you can perform this operation carefully.

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