How to create a backup image of your windows 7

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Any time, your operating system crash and corrupted your HDD data. If you re-format your HDD then your HDD become a good condition but all data are lost. Of your drive but ‘if you make a backup image of your pc then you can restore your OS and your recover your lost data any time. To create a system image please follows the following steps.


Step1: first you click the start button of then you go to control panel then you click System and security option and on the next screen you click Backup and restore icon. Or open my computer and type the following word on your address bar on your computer then hit Enter.
“Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsBackup and Restore”


Step2: when you go the Backup and restore window then you click “Create a system image” left side panel on your screen.


Step3: when you click “Create a system image” button, then a mini window (“Create a system image” wizard) appear in your screen.


Step4: on the next window you can chose where you save you backup file. Where you want to set your media (example: HDD, DVD drive, removable media and other) location, you click the check box and then click next button.


Step5: then you chose your system drive (which drive you want to backup). And then you click Next button or hit Enter. On the next step, these wizards show your backup drive status.


Step6: you check your drive status, then you click Start backup button. Please for few minute windows 7 automatically complete your system image creation operation.


Note: You do not turn off or shutdown while your Create a system image operation is running. If you shutdown or restart your computer at this time then you backup image does not work properly.

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