How to create a backup or restore previous backup for nokia s40 devices

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You know that your s40 phone lost phone setting (which is set by your self), contact, message, Bookmarks, Calendar, Gallery files & Apps. and games when you format or restore your phone. You didn’t fetch this problem, before format or restore your phone you must be backup your setting and other data, such as message, Bookmarks, Calendar etc. Your setting will save in your SD Card, when your SD Card is not inserted the backup process might not be complete. You must insert your SD Card in your device to store this backup file.

Insert your SD Card on your device then switch on your device. and follow the following step.

  • Go to Mobile Menuclip_image001
  • Select Select sub menu
  • Then select ‘sync and backup’clip_image002

Then you select all content of your menu then press continue. With a few moment while your backup is complete. You backup data save in your memory card. The backup file location is Memory Card Backup files *.NBF file. Kept it save for secure your backup. your backup process is complete. Now you can restore or format your phone.

Restore Backup Data:

When your phone setting is lost or your contact, message, or any application or data is permanent lost from your phone you can restore your this data using following step from your previews backup.

You go to your following file directory

Memory Card Backup Files *.NBF

open this *.NBF file and select all check-box for restore all data or you want to restore a unique content such as setting, contact, message please select one cheek-box which is want you restore. And you press restore. Then your restore process will be start and complete in a few minute. When restore process is complete your phone automatically reboot. Or  your phone does not start automatically so you can restore manually. Your restore process is complete.

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