How to create a system repair disc using your windows 7 operating system

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When your system is stop working then you can restore your system using a simple backup image. If you want create a system repair disc then you need a blank CD or DVD and a windows 7 operating system. Please follows the following steps to create a system repair disc.

Step1: you can go Backup and Restore wizard of you Control Panel as the following way.

First you click Start button and open My Computer. In the my computer you can go on your title bar and edit following word and hit enter button.

Control PanelSystem and SecurityBackup and Restore


Or you open Control Panel and then you click System and Security and Backup and Restore icon.

Step2: Then you go to left side panel of Backup and Restore and then you click Create a system repair disc option.


Step3: when you click this icon then you see, the following window appear in your screen.


When this window appear in your screen then you insert a blank CD or DVD into your CD or DVD drive. When your blank CD or DVD ready for writing then you click Create disc button to create your system repair disc, please wait for few minute this program automatically give you a system repair disc when you click Create disc button.

Note: when you disc burning process is running then you can’t reboot, shutdown, or do not quit this wizard. It cause your disc write failure, and your system repair does not run properly. When this type of problem you can fetch, then you need to write a new CD or DVD again.

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