How to Create Restore Points in Windows XP

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System restore point is most important technical part of windows XP; it can save windows system file or other setting on a particular time. You can save or backup you’re setting any time by create a restore point using system restore utility. When your windows XP operating system became crash or corrupted then you can easily restore your lose data using your saved restore points. So this is very important to create a system restore points. To create a system restore point please follows the following Steps.

Step 1: At first you click start menu and click it then you follow the following way.

Start> All programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore

If your system restore utility is disable then windows XP show enable system restore wizard, then you enable system restore utility.


When this window shown in your screen then you click yes button to turn on your system restore utility. When you click yes button then you will show the next window in your screen.


You must deselect the “Turn Off System Restore on all drives” check box, and then you click Apply and Ok button to save your settings.

Step 2: when you open the system restore utility then you click the “Create a restore point” check box and select as active then you click Next button to go next screen.


Then you type you restore point description on the text box of this system restore window then you click the Create button to create a restore point. Then your restore point’s creation process is complete. Now you close you system restore window by clicking Close button.

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