How to download video from YouTube using Internet Explore

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There are many way to download video from YouTube using Internet explore. Hare I told you that How to download video from YouTube using Internet Explore. To download video from YouTube you can follows this following steps.

Step1: Go to start menu and open your Internet Explore for surfing internet service.

Start> All Programs> Internet Explorer

Or, click start> run type “iexplore” on the text box of run menu.

Step2: Go to Search a video in Your Tube video channel and play it. Flash player required for playing this YouTube video. If you do not have a flash player you first download flash by clicking following link.

Flash player download link

When you play any video on your YouTube video channel then your browser can buffer your video before playing this video.

Step3: when buffering process will be finished then you go the following link using windows explorer.

Got to My computer first then you go

C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files

Hare C: manes your system drive, Administrator manes windows XP default user. If you are set a new user on your user account then you put your user name replaced by the administrator.

Step4: you can arrange your icon by file size.


Then you find out the desired file which file size > other file size.

Step5: copy this file on your local disc and rename it as your video name. This is your desired video file. Your file download is complete.

Note: If you do not success to download YouTube video but this is emergency to download this video then you download any YouTube video download-er. For faster you tube video download.

List of YouTube video download-er software or plugins.

· YouTube video download-er (windows software)

· Atube catcher (windows software)

· Easy YouTube video download-er (Firefox plug-in)

· Download helper (Firefox plug-in)

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