How to download video from YouTube using maxilla Firefox browser

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This is so easy. If you have Mozilla Firefox browser and you want to download YouTube video then you can follows these following steps and apply it on your browser to download YouTube video from YouTube.

Step1: First you open your Firefox browser then you download a Firefox plug-in (download helper). To install this go to menu bar and click Tools menu, when you click Tools menu then a small sub-menu appear in your screen. Then you click Add-ons option on the new sub-menu. Please follow this following image.


Step2: when you click Add-ons option then you see a small window appear in your screen.

On the Add-ons window you click Get Add-ons icon and type “download helper” and hit Enter Button. There are required a Internet connection and Add-ons window bring-out your search result in a few moment, you can find out Video DownloadHelper plug-in and then you click Add to Firefox… button to install this plug-in into your Firefox.


Step3: when you click Add to Firefox… button then you see an installation window in your screen.

When this window appears in your screen then you click Install Now button. When you click this button then you this plug-in download from internet and then automatically install in your Firefox browser. When your download and installation is successfully complete then you need to restart your browser to active this plug-in (Highly recommending)

Step4: you open and search video, and then you select a video that you want to download. When your record video was play in your browser (required a flash player to play YouTube video) then you see an active following icon on your browser.


Click Hare to download video and select an available format or resolution. Please follow this following image to understand what to do.


Click the above available format to download on your computer.
Enjoy you download video

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