How to edit Boot time-out setting on windows 7 using command prompt.

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If you use more than one operating system then after the boot screen you need to wait 30 sec for wait (default). This boot screen gives you a time to select your target boot. This is a gateway to go one of this operating system. If you want to adjust this time out setting then you please follow these following steps and carefully apply in your computer.

Step1: first you can open command prompt as the following way.

Start>All Programs>accessories>Command Prompt

Command prompt is same as dos but some different. This is a black screen window. You can type command on this window and hit Enter button.


Step2: in the black screen window you can type the following command to configure boot time out setting on windows 7.

bcdedit /timeout 01

Hare 01 means 1 second waits to select your target boot if you do not select in this time then your default operating system will be start automatically. If you need to change this time then you replace your time on the above command. Suppose you want to set 13 second then your command is

bcdedit /timeout 13

When you type this command into your command prompt window and hit Enter button then you see this following massage on your command prompt screen.

The operation complete successfully.

When you see this massage then you confirm your boot configuration is successfully complete. But, If this massage will not display in your command prompt window then you can follow the bellow way.

2nd method: you type these command step by step in your command prompt and hit Enter button.


cd windows

cd system 32

bcdedit /timeout 01

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