How to hide IP address on your computer

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There are several methods to change your IP (Internet protocol) address.

Step1: you can power off and restart your DSL and Dial up modem to automatically change your IP address.

Step2: you can change your IP address via dos (disk operating system). To change your IP address please follows the following step.
You open command prompt in your computer.

Start> Run

Type “cmd” on the run menu text panel and press Enter, the command prompt open in your window. You type “IPconfig /renew” in your command prompt window and press Enter. To know more information about “IPconfig” command on command prompt type “IPConfig /?” in your Command prompt window and press Enter.

Step4: you can connect directly on your computer to the modem. Then you go to the following process. Start> Run>

Type CMD on your run menu and press enter. Then the command prompt window appears in your screen. You type “IPconfig /release” in command and press enter. Then you can turn off your computer, turn off your modem and disconnect all hubs. Then you turn on all devices and reconnect.

Step4: you sign in on your router via your web browser, and then you release the IP address from your router. (Router configuration is dependent on the router manufacturer). Then you turn off and disconnect your modem from your machine. Then you turn on your modem and reconnect.

Step5: when you want to change total IP address aborting the IP range, then you download the following program.

Download Link


Hide my IP is a software whish program help you to change your IP address. You download it first then you run it. This software automatically changes your IP address. If this software does not work in your computer go to the advance settings… menu on this software


Then go to Supported Programs menu and select all your web browsers then you click apply and ok.

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