How to hide or show hidden disc drive on your pc from other user.

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You can hide your drive using this simple way. When you hide this drive then any type of application and virus and other user does not access your drive. Your drive can save in this mode. If you want to hide your drive then you can follows this steps to hide your disc drive.

Step1: first you decide which drive you want to locked. You can’t hide your system drive.

Step2: you first go to your Computer Management service as the following way.

Click Start then right click on the Computer and then click Manage option to go Computer management.


On the computer management you can go the left side panel and click Disc Management icon.


Step3: when you click Disc Management option then Disc management service initializes your drive configurations. And show you this configuration in a few moments.

When your disc initialize complete and then Disc Management give your disc configuration then you can go right side panel and right click your disc then click Change Drive Letter and Paths… option.


Step4: on this step you click Remove button to hide your drive letter and at last you click OK button to save your change.


Note: If you can’t success to hide your drive and disc configuration give you this following massage then you can stop your application access on this drive first.


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