How to hide personal folder with-out use any java application for NOKIA s40 device

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This is varying important to protect your personal file or data. Nokia s 40 is available for this operation. Do not need any software or java application to hide your personal file from other people.

Hide personal Folder:

You open gallery on your phone. Then you chose and mark file or folder which is need to hide, you move all file or folder to a single folder on your memory chip. Then you rename this folder as an ‘XXXX.jad‘ hare ‘XXXX‘ means a folder name. You must enter a folder names after .jad. Your folder name example ‘sample.jad’. Them you create a new empty folder to your phone and rename it as the same folder name but you put .jar after the folder name. And your folder name is ‘sample.jar‘. Then your sample.jad folder comes to hidden. If you fetch any problem you follow this following process

Create two empty folders inside a single directory. Them you rename two folder as following sequence.

New folder.jad

New folder.jar

Then you will show that ‘New folder.jad’ is not present on your directory.

Show Hidden Folder:

Your hidden older already exists in your directory. To show this hidden file on your directory you open your specific folder where your ‘New Folder.jar’ exists. You rename this folder as any name and remove or add any character to change the folder name. When your folder name is change then you will show hidden file on your phone.

Note: you use java application for hide file folder or personal data. But this application data (which you use to hide your personal data) by-chance corrupted or crash, then you do not restore your hidden file or folder. So this is batter way to hide or restore your personal file folder or data.

Supported phone:

The following mobile phone belongs to NOKIA s40

Click Hare to View NOKIA s40 phone

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