How to install windows XP and format PC’s Using Windows XP CD

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At first you brought latest version of windows XP. Then you enter your windows XP CD in your CD or DVD writer. Then, restart your computer. Select boot media first by following process.

  • Press <Del> button when boot screen will show in your window. Then you see BIOS setting screen appear in your screen. Then you will select sequentially following boot media.
    1. CD or DVD drive
    2. Hard Dish
    3. Removable drive
    4. LAN
    5. Other

Then you save your BOIS setting and exit BIOS setup (press <F10> button and <Enter>).

  • Chose your motherboard boot menu selection shortcut
    1. Intel original motherboards <F2>
    2. ASUS motherboards <F8>
    3. MSI motherboards <F11>
    4. Other motherboard information sees your motherboard packed or manual book.

Press <XX> button when boot screen will show in your window. (Hare “XX” means motherboard code.

A menu will appear in your screen then Select Boot Device as your CD or DVD drive, where the windows XP CD inserted.

Then your screen became a black screen and highlights the following word

“Press any key to Boot…..”

Then you must press any key within 5 sec. then your Windows XP set configuration automatically. In a few moments you will show the following window in your screen.


When this window is show in your window, then follows the above instruction in your screen, and press “Enter” to install Windows XP. Some windows XP shown

Following screen


Don’t wary, when this screen shown in your screen in your window then you press <F8> key.clip_image006

When you fetch the following problem, you must select your hard drive C: internal drive (you keep it more then 4GB free space). But, when your drive have no partitions on your hard drive then you create a partition by pressing <C> key and enter a disk size more then 4GB in your hard disk. You will format this partition “NTFS File system” and format it. Wait for 20 minutes until the computer completes the formatting process. It will erase the hard disk drive and copy the setup files in your hard drive. Then your computer restarts automatically.

When restart your computer then install Windows XP in your computer. Hare you enter your “Windows XP Product Code” and “User Name” or “Password”. You enter your product code if it needed and your “Password” is optional. You enter your password to secure your computer. In 35 minute your Windows XP Installation process is complete.

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