How to lock pen drive from other user and virus and make it unusable

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If you want to lock and protected your pen drive or flash drive without using any software you can do it, just remove your file accesses permission from your pen drive. First you insert your pen drive into your pc then you can follow these following steps to lock or protected your pen drive.

Step1: First you make NTFS file system on your drive. If your drive is other file system then you convert you file system as NTFS. To know the file system converting method then you can click the following link.

How to convert file system

When your drive is NTFS then you can see the step2.

Step2: Insert your pen drive into your pc, then you right click on your drive and then you click Properties option


When you click properties option then you disc properties wizard appear in your screen.

Step3: on this wizard you can go to menu bar and click Security menu.


When this screen appears in your screen then you click Edit button to go final step.

If you can’t find Security menu on your menu bar then you can follow this following note.

Important Note to show Security tab on your menu bar: Go to control panel and next go folder option menu as the following way.

Control PanelAppearance and Personalization

Then you click Folder Options icon.

In the folder options wizard you can go menu bar and click View menu.

clip_image006[1] When you click view menu then you see a list of selection box.

On this selection you must find out the Use Sharing wizard (Recommended) selection box and deselect it, and then click Apply and OK button to save you change.


Step4: on the next screen you can remove all user name and group name from first selection box by clicking Remove button.


When all user name and group name are removed from list then you can save your change by clicking Apply and OK button.

To know how to unlock your locked pen drive and give file access permission on your drive you can click the following link.

Unlock your pen drive.

Note: when you complete the Step1 to Step4 then you can remove your drive your drive from pc, and re-insert your pen drive into your pc to test conditions. I think your pen drive successfully locked.

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