How to manually remove computer virus

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You want remove VIRUS (Vital Information Resources Under Seize) form your computer, please follows my suggestion to remove virus from your computer.

What is Virus: The computer Virus is program, it is copy automatically to your computer or other device when connect to each other. It damage your computer automatically without your permission. The virus automatically enter in your computer via Internet, USB drive, CD drive, and other storage media.

Secure Your Computer: first you may go following step

start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore

Run System Restore program. when disable your system restore program then you must enable it. Then you following step.

select cheek box of “create a restore point”. and click next button to go next step. Type a description then click “Create”. Press close “button” to close the window.

Cheek Virus Status on your computer: first you may go following step

Start> Run

Type taskmgr

and press Enter


Hare you shown all application which is current running. If your computer impact a virus you will show this virus name on your task manager.

Certainly show that your task manger has disable you click the following link to enable your task manager .

Enable task manager

Stop Startup Application: You must stop unrecognized program to secure your PC. Please Follows this step carefully.

Start> Run

Type “msconfig”

then press Enter


You show the following window.

You discard selection check box which program is unknown for you. When your selection process is complete then you click apply and OK.

Then restart your computer.

Then you reopen Run window

Start> Run

type “regedit”

and press Enter

A window is appear in your skin.


Then you go the following step


and you delete unrecognized value. And close your window and reboot your computer. But, your registry edit is disable, you must follows the following link.


certainly any problem occur and damage your operating system

please run System restore to restore your system.

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  1. Mrinal Sarkar says:

    its not working in my xp..

    • admin says:

      Hi Mrinal,
      please Clearly explain your problem, what problem you have fetch?
      reply me as soon as possible.
      Thanks for submitting your comment
      from Adhir

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