How to minimize Midp java application on Nokia s40 devices

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If you want minimize java application on Nokia s40 java application then you can first about this Midp java system. Start your mobile and run Media Player and you any media file on your phone, and then you press red button. Exclusive! Your media player is already running in background. This is not same as other application. When you run other application and then you press red button then s40 devices gives you a small massage to you “Close Application?” If in this moment when you press “Yes” Key then, your handset close this application.

If you want to run other java application on your phone in background mode then you can follows this following steps. And you need a PC (Computer) to edit your *.jar file.

step1: first you copy your jar file into your local directory then you can open this java application using winrar. On the winrar explorer window you find a folder “META-INF”, open it. Under this folder you can see this file same as text file “MANIFEST.MF”, open this file into your notepad utility.

step2: when you open this MANIFEST.MF using notepad then you see a lot of text same as this image.


step3: In this step you can add two lines into bottom of the text.

Nokia-MIDlet-auto-start: no
Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: true


Step4: when you’re tipping and add these two lines in the text is complete then you save this MANIFEST.MF file and update your jar file using winrar utility.

Step5: At last you re copy or install this jar file into your phone. And enjoy your change. Run this application on your phone and then you press red button and take effect.

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