How to prevent automatic start computer when on the main power switch

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Some computer will automatically start when the main switch are on of the switch-board with out pressing CPU power switch. This is BIOS (basic input output system) settings problem, when this same problem appear then you can think that your BIOS didn’t configure properly. Then you need to re-configure your bios setting manually. You can re-configure your BIOS settings by follow the following way.

Step1: start your computer and press shortcut key of your motherboard (shortcut key means a simple key of your keyboard, example <Del>, <F2> for Intel motherboard and other) on your boot screen to go your BIOS setting wizard. If you do not find your shortcut key the you can follow your motherboard manual book or contact your motherboard brand provider.

Step2: on the boot menu you can go Power options by pressing arrow key of your keyboard. When you go Power option then you see the following image on your screen. By down key of your keyboard and go to APM Configuration option and hit Enter button.


Step3: on the APM Configuration option you change Restore on AC Power Loss configuration and set it Always Off. Then you press <F10> of your keyboard and then hit Enter button to save your change.


Note: if your problem does not solved by review this steps then you can contact to your motherboard brand provider.

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