how to reinstall windows xp driver

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When you have see any type of error code (example: error code 39, error code 18, error code 28) from your system (windows XP) then you need to reinstall your hardware driver for working this hardware properly. If you want to reinstall your hardware then you follow the following steps carefully.

Step1: first you connect your hardware to your computer then you turn on your computer. When your computer properly start then you go to you device manager as the following way
start> right click on My computer then click Manage button. A mini window appears in your screen. Then you click device manager (on the left side panel)


When this window appears in your screen then you view you all hardware on the right side panel. Then you identify your corrupted driver as the following process.clip_image002

Exclamation mark indicates your hardware setup problem. If this hardware driver already you need to uninstall this driver first from your computer as the following way.
Right click on this hardware (which is exclamation mark) then click Uninstall button and uninstall it.

Step2: When your drivers uninstall is successfully complete then you re-install your driver as the following methods.

Method 1: First insert your driver CD on your CD or DVD ROM, and then you open your Device manager and right click on your exclamation mark hardware then click Update driver software. clip_image004clip_image005

If you can install your hardware driver from your CD or DVD automatically then you select 1st option [Install the software automatically (Recommended)] in this option windows has been automatically install your driver from your CD, DVD and your system.
If you want to go an advance user and install you driver from other host then you select 2nd option of hardware update wizard.

Method2: If you do not have any driver CD or DVD, but you copy this driver into your hard-disc drive then you can install your driver from your hard disc. To do these please follow this way

Open your device manager then right click on your marking hardware then click Update driver…

When update driver wizard appear in your screen then you manually select driver location. And install your driver.

Note: When your driver install successfully then you restart your computer (this is highly recommended).

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