How to remove battery from laptop.

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He your laptop battery does not work properly or damage your battery then you can remove your battery from your laptop. To remove your laptop battery please follows the following step carefully.
Step1: first you shutdown your computer and disconnect your charges cable from your laptop and also disconnect other accessories (example: speaker, DSL cable, USB cable etc.)

step2: you close your LID (laptop skin). If you use any type of laptop cover or laptop cooler then you can remove it first.

Step3: you can flip your laptop upside down or you can hold your laptop vertically.

Step4: you can look carefully backside of your laptop to find out a slot on the front right side of your laptop.

Step5: you take a coin then you use this coin to 45 degree clock wise turn, on the back side of your laptop. Then open your battery case and remove your battery.

Note: If any problem occurs then you will go to a computer specialist before taking any decision.

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