how to remove bios chip from motherboard

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The BIOS (basic Input out put system), this type of chip is mainly use in your computer to save CMOS (Complementary metal Oxide semiconductor) information. The most common BIOS chip holds 2MB (Mega Byte) of CMOS data. When you want to remove it and when your BIOS chip crash or lose CMOS data then you need to change your BIOS chip replacement. Please follow the following methods to perfectively remove your BIOS chip from chip socket on your motherboard.

Method 1: At first you turn off your computer and disconnect your power cable then open your CPU cabinet (there are 2 or 4 screw). Then you identified your BIOS Chip on your motherboard. A BIOS chip location of a motherboard is shown in the following figure.



Method 2: you discharge all type of capacitor or other components power by touching screwdriver on two opposite pins of capacitor on your motherboard. You must remove your BIOS battery (Most modern computer are use CR2032 battery as a BIOS battery but atom companies are use CR2025 battery) .

Method 3: then you remove your BIOS chip by a BIOS chip puller. You get it any type of computer or electronics store. If you did not collect the BIOS chip puller then you manage a tweezers to remove your BIOS chip from your motherboard. You strap both side it of your BIOS chip and you pop up your chip with tweezers. This way you will success to remove your bios chip from your motherboard. A sample image show in the following figure to show removing BIOS chip with a tweezers on a motherboard.


Note: This operation is very risky; if you don’t success to locate your BIOS chip or you do not handle this operation then you go to a perfect computer technician to solve your problem.

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