How to run batch file as an exe file on windows 7

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Generally when you run any batch (*.bat) file then a small dos window appear in your screen and record your confirmation input to perform any operations.

But there is a simple method to run batch as an exe file. To convert bat file to exe file please follow the following steps.

Step1: first you download bat2exe software by clicking following download link.

Download link

This is a simple zip archive, when your download should be finished then you unzip this zip archive on your local folder and run on your computer.

Step2: when you run this software then you will see the following window on your screen.

When this window appear in your window then you add your batch file (*.bat) on this software to make an exe file. Next you go to menu bar and then you click Start file button to go next step.

Step3: if you are select lot of batch file then you select your active batch file on the Start file menu and then you click Create exe file menu to go final steps.

Step4: when you click Create exe file menu button then you will see the following window in your screen.


In this window you click no.1 box to select output folder of your *.exe file.
If you want to change your exe file icon then you click no. 2 box and select an icon file.

If you run your exe file with silent mode (no window or confirmation massage appear) then you select the no. 3 check box

And at-last when you’re all type configuration will be done then you click no. 4 box to create a exe file. Please wait for few moments this software automatically bring-out your exe file.

Step5: when your exe file making complete then you exit this application by clicking Quit button.

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