How to run system repair disc to repair windows 7

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When your system stop working then you can restore your system using a system backup image, to repair your system using a system backup image you need a system repair disc. First you can collect or create a system repair disc then you follows the following steps to repair your system.

Staep1: first you insert your system repair disc into your CD or DVD ROM drive. Then restart your computer. Go to your BIOS setting by pressing shortcut key. To set up boot from CD or DVD please follows following methods.

Method 1: If you use Intel mother board then you can press <F2> button on your keyboard when boot screen appear, if your are use other branded mother board then you press <Del> button on your keyboard when boot screen appear, this shortcut key will differ for your mother brand. On your boot screen you can set you default first boot from CD or DVD then you save your change and reboot your pc.

Method2: In the boot screen you can press your shortcut key for quick boot (example of shortcut key F10, F12, F8 etc). This shortcut key will be defer for your motherboard type. If you are use Asus mother board then your shortcut key is F8, F11 for MSI motherboard, F12 for Lenovo motherboard.

If you do not find your short cut key then you can contact your motherboard service provider.

Step2: when you select boot from cd or DVD then start your system repair process. When this massage will displayed on your screen then you need to press any key of your keyboard.

Press any key to boot from CD or DVD…

When you press any key then you wait for few moment while this cd or DVD initialize your system and load system repair wizard.

Step3: in this step you can follow this images


When this image displayed in your screen then you click Next button to go to next step. clip_image004

You select the following check box (restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier.) and then you click Next> button.


If you backup your required image into other media or storage then you click following check box (Select a system image) and then click Next> button. On the next screen you can select your backup file location and click Restore button. Wait for few minute and do not reboot, quit, or do not shutdown your pc when your restoring process will be running. If you reboot while restoring process will be running it cause damage your system, and do not start your system.

Step4: when your system restore is complete then you reboot your system, and see your system is ready to use.

Note: if you can’t success to repaired your system then you re-install your operating system, and install your all application software.

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