How to show false processor name on my computer properties

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Right click on My Computer then you will show a window on your screen. In this screen windows show you your hardware information. If you want to change this hardware information then you can follow the following method.

You can change your processor name using regedit.exe (registry editor). Don’t wary, do not needs to download this program, Microsoft corporation give you this program with your operating system. To change your processor name please carefully follow the following steps.

Step1: first you open regedit.exe (windows registry editor).
Click Start button then click Run icon or, press win+r (windows key). You type regedit and hit Enter key or click OK button.

Step2: after appearing registry editor window on your screen, then you go following position on your Registry editor.



If you are currently use dual core processor then you will show two processors 0 or 1

Step3: then you go right side panel and find out value ProcessorNameString value and then double click on this value. You can type any processor name that you replace by your current processor name. If you are use multi processor then you need to change all your processor name string value.


Step4: when your typing process is complete then you click OK button, and then you can close your regedit.exe (registry editor) window. At last you restart your computer (recommended) to save effect.

Step5: when your computer will be start then you right click on your My Computer and then you will show on the system properties window that your current processor name will be changed.

Note: this change is valid only you’re current operating system, other software or program does not show this change. This software shows you your original processor name. When you reinstall your current operating system then your new windows shows you that your current processor name. But your current operating system shows your current customization name.

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