How to solve BIOS flash Error Problem

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When you update your bios chip via Internet or local host, while update is running but by chance your machine is restart, turn off, or any power problem then your CMOS date is corrupted and then your BIOS chip data is corrupted. If you didn’t repair your BIOS Chip then your computer does not turn on with-out perfect BIOS chip. So you repair your BIOS chip to start your Mother board.

First step:
You remove your BIOS chip from your motherboard in following process to restore your CMOS data. First you find your BIOS chip from your motherboard and remove it carefully.


You collect or download the bios (*.ROM) file from your mother board provider such as ASUS, Intel, MSI, Gigabyte, and other companies, which is your mother board brand.

Step 2:

You set your BIOS chip (which you remove from your motherboard) on ARM Board and flash the ROM file which you download from internet or other local host.
When your flashing process will be done then you set your BIOS Chip on your mother board and start your computer.

When Step2 process is not available for you then you follow the Step3.

you remove your BIOS chip from your motherboard and set another BIOS chip from other same brand motherboard and start your computer. Then you backup the current bios and save it on your local drive.
When your computer is running process then you remove your BIOS chip (BIOS chip-2) and set your damage chip in your motherboard, but you don’t forget that you does not disconnect your power supply and don’t turn off your computer. After your damage chip setting is complete in your motherboard then you update your BIOS chip and flash your BIOS chip using This ROM file which is recently store in your local drive.
Your flashing process is done in a few moments then your CMOS data is useful and became a good condition.
To know how to update BIOS Chip please click the following link

BIOS Update

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