How To Solve Blue Screen Problem On Windows XP

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Blue screen problem occur in your computer sometime when crash your operating system (windows XP), windows disk mounting problem, installing software or driver and other accident. Any time your computer can show this problem. When you fetch this Blue screen problem, you can easily fix this blue screen problem by providing the following step.

  • Step1: when you fetch the following blue screen on your window and didn’t start your operating system (windows XP), you must follows the next step to fix this blue screen problem.


When this type of blue screen appears in your computer screen, there are no ways to start your operating system. All process is block by your system. So, you must restart your system to recover your windows XP. You keep pressing your F8 key on your keyboard after boot screen. Then a black appear in your screen, you select the “Last Known Good Configuration” option by pressing up/down arrow on your keyboard. clip_image002

When you select this option then let you choose your current operating system and press Enter. Windows XP automatically return you on your desktop.

Step2: Let you uninstall software or other driver which you recently install by follows the following step.

Start> Control panel> Add or Remove program.

You see a program list and select the newest program then click Change/Remove option to uninstall the recent program which you install.

Step3: you can restore your system with “System Restore” utility to secure your operating system.

Start> all program> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore

you restore the provisos restore point.

When all operation is complete at last you restart your pc again. Did you solve this Blue screen problem?
If, does not solve your problem, then this is a hardware problem and you must add a hardware (such as a printer, modem, fax, Sound card, scanner, Graphics card or any USB device) on your pc recently and you remove this hardware on your pc then start your computer.

Step 4: If the blue screen problem didn’t solve then
START> My Computer (right click)> Properties.
Then the following window appears in your screen.
Click the Device manager and got to device list on the right side screen, right click on the devices that you are uninstalling, and click Uninstall then reboot your system. Most time, this process will fix your Blue Screen Problem.
If your process didn’t solve then you go the final step.

Step5: you can restore your operating system (windows XP) to a previous Save Point on your system restore wizard.

START> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore.

When the following screen appears in your screen then click on “Restore my computer to an earlier time” check box and then click next. Choose a highlighted date (whish is recent) from the calendar on your System restore wizard and click next. Then automatically restart your system and automatically restore previews saving stage and start your operating system in a fresh mode.

Note: If you are still get the blue screen problem you rapier your operating system by inserting windows XP CD, or you meet an expert computer technician.

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