How to solve lose time or CMOS data on your computer problem

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If your computer time or date are not save after shutdown or disconnect your power cable. This problem is mainly reason for BIOS Battery problem. When you fetch this following problem then you change your BIOS battery on your motherboard to salve your CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) data lost problem. To install your BIOS battery pleases carefully follow the following steps.

How to replace BIOS battery:

At first you disconnect you power cable on your computer, then you open your cabinet cover (there are 2 or 4 screw). Then you are looking up the BIOS battery on your motherboard. You carefully remove your BIOS battery from your motherboard. And set up a new BIOS battery.


To days most computers are use 3 volt Lithium coin cell battery on computers motherboard for saving CMOS data.

How to set a BIOS battery:

You check you battery voltage before installing BIOS battery on you motherboard socket. Then you carefully strap your battery on your motherboard socket. Then you clear your COMS data by changing CLRTC jumper and reset it.
Then you close your cabinet cover and you install the screw on your cabinet. You connect your power cable and turn on your machine. Go to BIOS setting by pressing Del Button in your boot screen. First you load default BIOS settings then you reconfigure your custom BIOS settings and save it by pressing F10 key. Then you start your operating system and update your current time and date. Then you turn off your computer and disconnect your power cable. Then you start your computer and care fully see your time and date. If your problem does not solve then you contact your motherboard manufacturer.

If you did not looking up the BIOS battery on your motherboard then you close your cabinet cover and contact the motherboard manufacturer to replace your battery.

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