How to Speed up Windows XP’s using defrag operations

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Long time to use windows XP causes automatically became very slow after 2 year when install Windows XP. This time Windows is not comfortable for a normal user. Then you most speed up your operating system.

A simple way to speed up your operating system using a Disk Defragmenter operation in Windows XP is following process.

First you restart your operating system before you launch Defrag.

This Disk Defragmenter allows your operating system to clear out the swap/paging file and reset it to the default size. This lets Defrag focus strictly on the necessary data on the hard disk without having to stop and manage a huge swap file loaded with unneeded data.

Another approach to speeding up a defrag operation in Windows XP is to configure it to occur immediately upon startup.

Fortunately, you can do so easily with this simple registry edit Registry Editor (Regedit.exe). Go to

Start> Run

Type “Regedit.exe” in Run menu and then press “Enter

Then you see the following window in your screen.


Then you will go the following step.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion RunOnce.

Then you create a new sub key under the “RunOnce” key.

Right-click on the “RunOnce” sub key and select New “String Value”.


Type the Name of the value Defrag and press <Enter>. After that you double click on the Defrag value and type following word and click <OK>.

Type Defrag.exe c: /f in the Value Data text box.

Then you close the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and restart your computer. When your computer start the Disk Defragmenter automatically start in your operating system. If you Windows XP is password protected then your password must be require to starting Disk Defragmenter and you must input your password when require your password.

When your Disk Defragmenter operation is complete then your defrag value remove automatically from RunOnce sub key in the Registry Editor (regedit.exe). At last you manually restart your computer.

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