How to view software and hardware information using command prompt on windows 7

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You can see the following information type using command prompt utility on your computer. To see your complete information on your screen please follows the following steps.


Step1: first you open command prompt as the following way.

Start > all programme > Accessories > command prompt

Or you can open command prompt using this shortcut method.

Press Win+r then type CMD and hit Enter button or click OK button.

Step2: when appear command prompt window on your screen then you type Systeminfo on your command prompt black screen and hit Enter button. When you press Enter button then you wait for few moment, systeminfo.exe initialize your configuration and bring out the result on your screen.

At last you can close your command prompt by typing Exit command and hit Enter button.

Note: If this type of massage appears in your command prompt window then you make sure for your spelling.


If this massage is still appearing then you can download Systeminfo.exe by clicking following download link and save it on your local disc drive.

Download Systeminfo.exe

This is a zip file, when your download is complete then you extract this zip file on your local directory and then you move this Systeminfo.exe on the following directory.


Hare C: is your system drive. If your windows 7 operating system is installed in another drive then you can move Systeminfo.exe on the same parameter.

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