how to you repair or replace your dead Seagate hard disk

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when this hard disk under warranty. Or repair your hard disk using sea-tools.

download sea-tools by clicking by clicking following link.

download it and burn this ISO image and run it.

on the sea-tools you run long test for advance test then repair your hard disk.

If any error occur to test your HDD testing then sea-tools give you a 8 digit code.

you must note this code. Then you can request Seagate RMA service


At first you note:

  • your serial number
  • Model number OR Part number
  • and country name where your hdd is manufacture

Then you cheek your hard disk warranty by clicking following link

? clip_image002

Then you HDD document such as serial number, model number or part number and country where your hdd manufacture.

Then press submit.

Your HDD warranty status show in the page automatically in a few moment.

If your HDD still under warranty then you go to next steep for Seagate RMA service.

Click this link for request RMA

then fill the form and and give the error code on the “Sea-tools Test Code” then click Submit baton.If you forgot your sea-tools test code  then you will input this code “9C9692A5” , And request RMA.

After complete your RMA request Seagate corporation send you a RMA ID

This RMA ID valid for only 1 send your hard disk using currier or other post system.

when the Seagate corporation received your hard disk then Seagate corporation send you a email. and delivered your hard disk between 20 days after receiving.

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