Mobile VIRUS remove

January 8th, 2013 by admin | Posted under MOBILE.


Virus means vital information resource under size, this is not worm. Hare virus is a program, manufacture by man. Virus does not run with-out power and supported system software (operating system). I think you already know about virus. When virus manufacturer make a harmful virus, then they’re decide that which operating system are support this virus. And they are including this virus into a executable file. 85 % viruses of the world are making for windows based system. And this viruses are include into executioner file such as, *.exe file, *.msi file and other type of file. This type of virus does not support on your mobile phone. So you can carry this virus into your memory card. This virus is not harmful for your mobile. If your mobile became slow, or does not work properly then you can contact to your mobile brand provider it is not a virus problem.


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