How to configure your monitor Screen Resolution on windows XP and Windows 7

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Share  When you install your operating system but you do not load your graphics driver or you set a new monitor, some-times your machine does not success to detect your monitor screen resolution. To configure your screen resolution please follows the following steps. For windows 7 users Step1: turn on your computer first, and then you right click on your desktop, and then click Screen Resolution option.

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How to adjust monitor screen refresh ret on windows 7

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Share  This is mainly use for adjusting CRT color monitor. If your CRT monitor gives simultaneously vibrating picture or your monitor or, if your monitor gives you some time Lue sound [L0–0–0—L–0—0] then you need to adjust your CRT monitor screen refresh ret to solved this problem. If you use Microsoft windows 7 operating system then you follow these following steps to solve your problem.

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