How to hide personal folder with-out use any java application for NOKIA s40 device

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Share  This is varying important to protect your personal file or data. Nokia s 40 is available for this operation. Do not need any software or java application to hide your personal file from other people. Hide personal Folder: You open gallery on your phone. Then you chose and mark file or folder which is need to hide, you move all file or folder to a single folder on your memory chip. Then you rename thi

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How to make a Nokia s40 theme *.nth file

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Share  First step, go to your desktop and make an empty WinZip file. 1. right click on your desktop 2. click New 3. Create new Zip Archive. 4. rename it as Then you open the file. You imaginary draw the look out of the theme. And collect the material of the theme such as wallpaper, icon, slide show, menu background, phone off & on sound and other. Then you move all material to fi

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How to minimize Midp java application on Nokia s40 devices

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Share  If you want minimize java application on Nokia s40 java application then you can first about this Midp java system. Start your mobile and run Media Player and you any media file on your phone, and then you press red button. Exclusive! Your media player is already running in background. This is not same as other application. When you run other application and then you press red button then s40 devices gi

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