How to manually remove computer virus

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ShareYou want remove VIRUS (Vital Information Resources Under Seize) form your computer, please follows my suggestion to remove virus from your computer. What is Virus: The computer Virus is program, it is copy automatically to your computer or other device when connect to each other. It damage your computer automatically without your permission. The virus automatically enter in your computer via Internet, USB dri

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how to remove bios chip from motherboard

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ShareThe BIOS (basic Input out put system), this type of chip is mainly use in your computer to save CMOS (Complementary metal Oxide semiconductor) information. The most common BIOS chip holds 2MB (Mega Byte) of CMOS data. When you want to remove it and when your BIOS chip crash or lose CMOS data then you need to change your BIOS chip replacement. Please follow the following methods to perfectively remove your BIOS

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How to remove battery from laptop.

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Share  He your laptop battery does not work properly or damage your battery then you can remove your battery from your laptop. To remove your laptop battery please follows the following step carefully.Step1: first you shutdown your computer and disconnect your charges cable from your laptop and also disconnect other accessories (example: speaker, DSL cable, USB cable etc.) step2: you close your LID (laptop s

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Mobile VIRUS remove

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Share  Virus means Vital information resource under size, this is not worm. Hare virus is a program, manufacture by man. Virus does not run with-out power and supported system software (operating system). I think you already know about virus. When virus manufacturer make a virus then they are decide that which operating system are support this virus. And they are include this virus into a executable file. 85

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