How to time out setting of windows error recovery on windows 7

January 7th, 2013 by admin | 2 Comments | Filed in WINDOWS
Share  This is windows start-up problem. If you press restart switch on your machine or disconnect your power cable without windows safety shutdown then you will shown the following screen and you select Start Windows Normally option to start your operating system or still wait for 30 second to start your operating system. There are many ways to stop appearing this screen in your windows 7. Hare I told you

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How To Solve Blue Screen Problem On Windows XP

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Share  Blue screen problem occur in your computer sometime when crash your operating system (windows XP), windows disk mounting problem, installing software or driver and other accident. Any time your computer can show this problem. When you fetch this Blue screen problem, you can easily fix this blue screen problem by providing the following step. Step1: when you fetch the following blue screen on your w

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How to solve Access is denied problem while opening any local or external disc drive

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Share  When you can open any disc drive such as HDD drive or flash drive and you get this massage then you can solved this problem. You follow this following steps carefully to solve this problems. Step1: if you fetch this problem for opening any external devices then you can insert this disc first on your computer. Insert your disc drive into your pc, then you right click on your drive and then you clic

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