How to solve lose time or CMOS data on your computer problem

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Share  If your computer time or date are not save after shutdown or disconnect your power cable. This problem is mainly reason for BIOS Battery problem. When you fetch this following problem then you change your BIOS battery on your motherboard to salve your CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) data lost problem. To install your BIOS battery pleases carefully follow the following steps. How to repl

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How to edit Boot time-out setting on windows 7 using command prompt.

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Share  If you use more than one operating system then after the boot screen you need to wait 30 sec for wait (default). This boot screen gives you a time to select your target boot. This is a gateway to go one of this operating system. If you want to adjust this time out setting then you please follow these following steps and carefully apply in your computer. Step1: first you can open command prompt as the fo

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